How to catch amberjack fish in St. Petersburg, Florida

Amberjacks are large, easily identified species that can weigh up to 60-100 pounds. If you are looking at catching some Amberjacks then St Petersburg is the best place for you.

The waters of St Petersburg have a huge and healthy amberjack population. You can book a fishing charter with Reel Coquina Fishing and enjoy the day fishing for amberjacks!

The amberjack (Seriola Dumerili), also known as the great amberfish is a species of predatory fish. They are widely distributed throughout subtropical and tropical areas around the world including the Gulf of Mexico.

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How to catch amberjacks in St. Petersburg?

You need to use heavy tackle for AJ's as they are powerful swimmers and one of the hardest fighting fish we have here in the Gulf of Mexico. It is not easy trying to bring one on board.

The season to catch and harvest amberjacks (AJ’s) in St. Petersburg typically is in the spring and fall. Amberjack taste great gilled. AJ’s are also very popular smoked and make great fish dip. The best time of year to catch and release amberjack is the winter, November thru March. This is because of the cooler water temperature the bigger fish tend to be closer to shore and typical tend to be more in a feeding frenzy. 

If you are looking to learn how to catch amberjacks in St. Petersburg, a simple way of targeting AJ’s is a fishing technique known as vertical jigging or speed jigging. The amberjack bite can be unpredictable at times and this technique helps us to fire them up and establish a feeding frenzy. We also use a combination of live bait and topwater lures to target AJ’s

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Amberjacks like structure such as big ledges wrecks and springs. Amberjacks also like to group up together and usually inhabit wrecks and springs in larger schools. It is important to remember that amberjacks are high-energy fish because they fight hard, run fast and can dive deepFishing in St Petersburg is always best when you have a guide that knows where to find amberjacks; they will increase your chances of catching amberjack dramatically!

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We'll help you catch your first amberjack!

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