Kingfish Fishing Charters in St Pete Beach

St. Petersburg, Florida's sun-kissed waters are a paradise for anglers and the ultimate destination for kingfish fishing charters. Here, the Gulf of Mexico's rich waters teem with the spirited king mackerel, offering an unmatched fishing adventure.

Our charter company, renowned for its deep-sea expertise, invites you to experience the thrill of the chase in these bountiful waters. We pride ourselves on our local knowledge, top-notch equipment, and a fleet ready to set sail for your dream fishing trip.

Whether you're a seasoned angler or trying your hand at fishing for the first time, our tailored charters promise a memorable day out at sea, chasing some of the most sought-after game fish in the world. Join us in St. Petersburg, and let's reel in the big ones together!




Kingfish is a prized catch that stands out in sport fishing. Here's why angling for kingfish offers a unique and thrilling experience: 


Thrill of the Chase

  • Fierce Fighters: Kingfish are known for their spirited fight, offering a challenging and rewarding experience. 
Speed and Agility:
     Their swift movements thrill the chase, perfect for anglers seeking an active fishing session.

Rewarding Catch

  • Impressive Size: Catching a large kingfish is a proud moment for any angler, making for unforgettable stories and photos. 
Delicious Prize:
     Kingfish are fun to catch and provide a delicious and satisfying meal. They are known for their excellent taste.

Diverse Techniques

  • Versatile Fishing: Engage in various fishing techniques, from trolling to live baiting, enhancing your skills and knowledge. 
Learn New Strategies:
       Kingfish fishing allows anglers to refine their approach, adapting to the behavior of these intelligent fish.

Memorable Experiences

  • Bonding Opportunity: Perfect for family trips or outings with friends, kingfish fishing fosters teamwork and camaraderie. 
Connect with Nature:
     Experience the beauty of St. Petersburg's waters, immersing yourself in the natural habitat of the kingfish.

Kingfish fishing is more than just a catch; it's an adventure that combines skill, excitement, and the joy of the sea. Join us and discover the unique allure of targeting kingfish on your next fishing expedition!

Why Our Kingfish Fishing Charters Stand Oute

What sets us apart is not just the clear, inviting waters of St. Petersburg but our remarkable success rate in hooking the elusive kingfish and other prized species like gag grouper and Spanish mackerel. 

Captain Pablo, a seasoned navigator of the Tampa Bay and its sprawling nearshore waters, is at the heart of our charters. His expertise and intimate knowledge of these waters turn each charter into a journey of discovery and excitement. With his keen eye and years of experience, Captain Pablo knows exactly where the fish are biting, whether it's the king fish with its impressive dorsal fin or the sleek Spanish mackerel. 

Under his guidance, our charters are more than just a fishing trip; they are an adventure into the depths of the Gulf, where the thrill of the chase and the joy of the catch come alive. Our methods are tried and tested, promising you not just a chance but a high likelihood of catching kingfish, known for their razor sharp teeth and fighting spirit. 

Our crew, handpicked for their skills and passion for fishing, complements Captain Pablo's expertise. They're well-versed in various fishing techniques, from using live bait to mastering the art of slow trolling. Each caught fish is a testament to their prowess and your adventurous spirit. 

 On our charters, it's not just about the number of fish caught; it's about the experience. The excitement of the first bite, the challenge of the fight, and the satisfaction of reeling in a delicious fish - stored safely in the ice box - are the moments we live for. We're equipped with top-of-the-line gear, from heavy tackle to sharp hooks, making sure that every opportunity at sea is maximized.


Our Fleet

WYour fishing adventure starts aboard our pride, the Orion 29 Fishing Boat and the 37 Sea Vee Luxury Boat, each crafted for an unmatched fishing experience in St. Petersburg's deeper and offshore waters.

The Orion 29 Fishing Boat

Length: 29 feet - ideal for maneuverability in kingfish-rich zones. 

Fishing Gear: Advanced setup perfect for targeting kingfish. 

Experience Levels: Welcoming all, from first-time anglers to kingfish enthusiasts. 

Fishing Focus: Specializing in kingfish, both offshore and inshore. 

Trip Duration: 4 to 10 hours, prime for kingfish outings. 

Specialized Trips: Exclusive American Red Snapper trips alongside kingfish adventures. 

Additional Experience: Serene 2-hour Sunset, Dolphin & Eco Cruise, with potential kingfish sightings.

The 37 Sea Vee Luxury Boat

Length: 37 feet - spacious for comfortable kingfish hunting. 

Engines: Triple Mercury Verado 400 for swift access to kingfish spots. 

Luxury Features: Relax comfortably with a private bathroom and couches between kingfish battles.

Charter Style: Luxury meets thrill in kingfish conquest.

Charter Options: Half-day (6 hours) and full-day (10 hours) tailored for kingfish expeditions. 

Ideal For: Those seeking a luxurious journey pursuing the prized kingfish.

Discover Our Kingfish Fishing Packages

Whether you're looking for a quick escape or a full-day expedition, our charters offer the perfect fit. Dive into the details and find your ideal kingfish journey:

 Half-Day Kingfish Charter

  • Duration: 4 hours of dynamic fishing. 

    Quick, intense sessions targeting kingfish. 

Techniques Used:
    Primarily slow trolling and artificial lures for effective catching. 

Ideal For: Those with limited time seeking a quick, fulfilling fishing experience.

Extended Kingfish Expedition

    10+ hours, our ultimate kingfish package. 

Deep Dive:
    Extended time on the water allows for exploring various kingfish territories and techniques. 

Expert Techniques:
    Combines slow trolling, live baiting, and innovative artificial lure strategies. 

Perfect Choice:
    For the dedicated angler seeking the ultimate kingfish experience.

Full-Day Kingfish Charter

  • Duration: 8 hours, immersing you fully in the kingfish realm. 

    Comprehensive kingfish targeting involving various fishing techniques. 

Techniques Mastered:
    A mix of slow trolling, live baiting, and exploring different kingfish hotspots. 
Best For:
    Anglers wanting an in-depth, all-day kingfish adventure.

Custom Kingfish Adventure

Tailored Duration:
    Choose your time on the water. 

Personalized Experience:
    We customize the trip based on your preferences and fishing goals. 

Flexible Techniques:
    A mix of all kingfish-catching methods tailored to your interests. 

Suited For:
    Anyone desiring a personalized kingfish fishing experience.

Each package is carefully crafted to maximize your chances of landing the coveted kingfish. Our experienced crew will guide you through the best techniques, from slow trolling to using cutting-edge artificial lures, ensuring a memorable and productive outing. For detailed pricing on these exciting packages, please visit our pricing page. Choose your adventure, and let's set sail for an unforgettable kingfish experience!

A Typical Day on Our Kingfish Charter

Join us on a typical day aboard our kingfish charter, where the azure waters of St. Petersburg become your playground. From the first cast to the last catch, here's what you can expect on this extraordinary adventure:

1. Morning Arrival

Start Early:
    Arrive at the dock, greeted by the fresh sea breeze and our friendly crew. 

    Get acquainted with the boat, safety procedures, and the day's plan. 

Set Sail:
    As the sun rises, we head towards the kingfish hotspots, excitement building.

2. The Fishing Begins

First Cast:
    With rods ready and bait set, the anticipation peaks. 

Using Heavy Tackle:
    We employ heavy tackle, ideal for the powerful kingfish. 
Underwater Structures:
    Navigate around reefs and wrecks, known haunts of kingfish. 

Expert Guidance:
    Our crew offers tips and techniques to make sure you're ready for the action.

3. The Thrill of the Catch

Hooking Kingfish:
    Feel the adrenaline as you hook your first kingfish, a moment of pure exhilaration.

The Battle:
    Experience the thrill of the fight, as kingfish are known for their strength and speed.

Landing the Fish:
    With teamwork and skill, land your catch, an achievement filled with pride and joy.

4. Midday Break

Relax and Refuel:
    Enjoy a well-deserved break with refreshments and snacks, sharing stories of the morning's conquests.

Scenic Views:
    Bask in the beauty of St. Petersburg's seascape, a moment to relax and soak in nature.

5. Afternoon Fishing

New Techniques:
    Try different methods like trolling or jigging.

More Opportunities:
    The afternoon brings more chances to catch kingfish, each encounter unique and thrilling.

6. Return with Triumph

Journey Back:
    As the day winds down, we head back to the dock, hearts full and fish cooler loaded.

Photo Ops:
    Capture the day's success with photos to cherish and share.

7. Fond Farewells

Dockside Goodbyes: Back at the shore, it's time to say goodbye, but the day's memories linger.

A day on our kingfish charter is more than fishing; it's an experience filled with excitement, learning, and unforgettable moments. Don't just take our word for it...

Customer Testimonials and Success Stories!

Hear from our delighted anglers who've made unforgettable memories on our kingfish charters. Their stories are a testament to the thrilling experiences and successful catches that await you:

"We had an incredible day out with Reel Coquina Fishing! The moment we landed our first kingfish was absolutely thrilling. The crew's expertise and top-notch equipment made our family trip successful and truly memorable. We can't wait to come back next season!"

The Johnson Family's Day to Remember

"My day on the water with Reel Coquina was amazing. The highlight was catching a massive kingfish, thanks to the crew's guidance and the fantastic spots they took us to. It was the best fishing experience I've ever had!"

Mark's Big Catch

See More 'Reel' Time Catches

For more inspiring stories and to see our guests' impressive catches, visit our Social Media Page. Join our community and share in the excitement of every catch. See for yourself why every day on the water with us is an adventure waiting to happen!

How to Book Your Kingfish Fishing Adventure

Ready for an unforgettable kingfish fishing experience in St. Petersburg? Booking your adventure with us is easy. Here's how you can get started:

1. Contact Captain Pablo: Reach out to Captain Pablo Koch-Schick to set up your fishing trip. He's always available to answer your questions and help you plan the perfect outing.

Phone: Call anytime at 404-438-8732.

Email: Send your inquiries to

Address: Visit us at 6701 34th St S, St Petersburg, FL 33711 for a face-to-face discussion.

2. Discuss Your Preferences: Talk about what you're looking for in your fishing trip. Whether it's a half-day, full-day, or a customized kingfish adventure, we tailor the experience to your needs.

3. Choose Your Package: Select from our kingfish fishing packages that best suit your schedule and fishing goals.

4. Confirm Your Booking: Once everything is set, confirm your booking. We'll provide all the details you need to prepare for your trip.

5. Get Ready for Adventure: Prepare for an exciting day on the water with some of the best kingfish fishing experiences St. Petersburg offers. We can't wait to welcome you aboard and guide you through an exhilarating kingfish fishing adventure. Let's make some unforgettable memories together!