Sight Fishing Charters in St. Pete: Unleash Your Inner Predator 

St. Pete's shimmering waters hold a secret: stalking giants not with sonar pings but with keen eyes and a thrill unlike any other. Ready to trade luck for skill and witness the raw power of nature's apex predators? Dive into the heart of sight fishing, where the hunt unfolds before your eyes, and every cast is a chance to rewrite your fishing story.

This is different from your average fishing trip. This adventure is based on precision, anticipation, and the raw beauty of the underwater world. Buckle up because sight fishing in St. Pete is about to rewrite your expectations.   



Spring (March-May): 

Tarpon: The peak season arrives, with these iconic giants migrating through Tampa Bay. Be ready for early mornings and calm, clear waters for optimal spotting. 

Spanish Mackerel: Start to gather in large numbers, offering fast-paced action near baitfish schools.

Cobia and Tripletail: Begin to appear around buoys, structures, and debris in nearshore and offshore waters.

Redfish: Activity picks up, with opportunities for sight casting them tailing in shallow flats.

Summer (June-August):

Tarpon: They are still present, though in lower numbers than during peak season. Focus on resident Tarpon in specific areas. 

Schools. Snook: Prime season arrives, with calm waters and abundant bait attracting them to grass flats and mangrove shorelines.

Cobia and Tripletail: Remain active, offering opportunities for sight casting around structures and debris.

King Mackerel: Join the party, adding to the diverse mix of nearshore action.

Fall (September-November):

Redfish: Enjoy their second peak season, offering exciting sight casting opportunities in shallow flats.

Snook: Activity remains good, providing extended chances for targeting these popular game fish.

Gag Grouper: Cooler waters tempt them from hiding places, making them prime targets around deeper structures and reefs.

Snapper: Several species reach their peak, offering various nearshore and offshore sight fishing options.

Winter (December-February):

Mackerel: Spanish Mackerel remains active, while King Mackerel becomes more prevalent in cooler waters.

Gag Grouper: Continue to be accessible in deeper structures.

Snapper: Some species remain available, offering opportunities for skilled anglers seeking a winter challenge.

This is just a glimpse into the dynamic world of St. Pete's sight fishing. Weather conditions, clarity, and specific prey availability can influence fish activity.  

Reel Coquina Fishing will help you plan your trip based on the latest intel and target the species that align with your desired season and experience.

Our Charters - What We Offer:

Reel Coquina's charters are designed to cater to every angler's needs:  

1. Half-Day Charter (4 hours): Ideal for a quick yet exhilarating sight fishing experience, priced at $800.

2. 3/4 Day Charter (6 hours): This excursion for more in-depth sight fishing costs $1200.

3. Full-Day Charter (8 hours): The ultimate sight fishing adventure, offered at $1500.



Each charter has specialized sight fishing boats and gear, perfect for inshore and offshore waters. We ensure top-notch equipment and expert guidance from Captain Pablo to maximize your catch and safety.



For more details and specific pricing, visit Reel Coquina Fishing Charter Pricing.

Why Choose Us: Reel Coquina Fishing

Choose Reel Coquina Fishing for an unparalleled sight fishing experience in St. Petersburg, Florida. Our charters are led by knowledgeable Captain Pablo, who offers high catch rates and a personalized approach to each trip.  

 We pride ourselves on providing top-notch equipment and various bait options for fishing techniques. Sight fishing requires various baits and techniques to attract the species according to what you will see.

Why Flexible Baits and Lures Rule in Sight Fishing

Every detail matters in sight fishing, especially when presenting your offering to a wary predator. Here's why flexible baits and lures reign supreme:

Mimicry is key: Fish rely heavily on sight to feed, and natural movement is crucial for convincing them your lure is the real deal. Rigid lures often lack the lifelike wiggle and flutter that flexible options exhibit, raising suspicion in discerning fish.

Accuracy matters: Sight fishing often involves pinpointing your lure near wary fish. Flexible baits and lures allow for softer presentations, minimizing splash and commotion that could spook your target.

Hook-ups: When a strike comes, flexibility plays a crucial role. Stiff lures can easily pull free, but flexible options absorb the initial strike and provide time for the hook to set securely.

Versatility: Flexible baits and lures offer diverse presentations to match your target's mood and feeding behavior, from mimicking fleeing baitfish to enticing strikes with subtle vibrations.

Trust in our experienced crew to guide you to the best fishing spots for a truly memorable experience. 

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The Shark Fishing Experience


Your sight fishing journey begins aboard the Orion 29 Fishing Boat and the 37 Sea Vee Luxury Boat, each tailored for the optimal sight fishing experience in St. Petersburg's diverse waters.

The Orion 29 Fishing Boat

At 29 feet long, this boat is perfect for navigating fish-rich areas. It's equipped with advanced fishing gear designed for sight fishing and is suitable for all experience levels, from beginners to seasoned anglers.

The 37 Sea Vee Luxury Boat

This 37-foot boat offers a spacious, luxurious sight fishing adventure. It's powered by triple Mercury Verado 400 engines, ensuring quick access to the best spots. The boat is fitted with luxury amenities like a private bathroom and comfortable seating, blending the thrill of sight fishing with the comfort of a luxury charter.


Both vessels offer various trip durations and focus on providing a unique and thrilling sight fishing experience.  

For more details, check out our fleet page.

Unveiling Florida's Gulf Coast Gems on a Sight Fishing Adventure


St. Pete's vibrant waters are an underwater theater teeming with an incredible cast of characters waiting to be discovered. Here's a glimpse of the majestic species you might encounter on your sight fishing expedition:

The Big Three:

Tarpon: The majestic Silver King reigns supreme, a prehistoric powerhouse that ignites hearts with its electrifying leaps and dogged spirit. Sight casting to these giants is an unforgettable challenge, a test of skill and patience rewarded with moments etched in memory. 

Snook: The ambush predator of the mangroves, snook explode from cover with ferocity, their bronze bodies flashing in the sunlight. Their acrobatic battles test your angling prowess, making them a coveted prize for sight fishing enthusiasts.  

Redfish: This crimson warrior thrives in the shallows, their tails breaking the water's surface in an irresistible tease. Stalking and sight casting to these feisty fighters offer pure excitement, with every hookup a chance to land a trophy catch. 

Beyond the Headliners:

Cobia: This majestic wanderer often basks near structures, a living torpedo waiting to be surprised by your lure. Their powerful runs and aerial acrobatics will leave you breathless.

Spanish Mackerel: Schools of these sleek speedsters tear through the water, offering fast-paced action and dazzling displays of silver brilliance. 

King Mackerel: The mackerel family's bruiser, King Mackerel packs a serious punch, testing your strength and stamina in exhilarating battles.

Gag Grouper: These ancient denizens of the deep lurk around structures, their camouflage belying their impressive size and fighting spirit.

The Unexpected Extras:

While your sights are set on specific species, keep your eyes peeled for bonus encounters. Schools of dancing baitfish, curious dolphins, and even playful manatees can add a touch of magic to your journey.

Custom Sight Fishing Adventure

Tailored Duration: Choose your time on the water.

Personalized Experience: We customize the trip based on your preferences and fishing goals.

Flexible Techniques: A mix of all fishing-catching methods tailored to your interests.

Suited For: Anyone desiring an impulsive fishing experience.

Each package is carefully crafted to maximize your chances of sparring with a lottery fish. Our experienced crew will guide you through the best techniques, guaranteeing an unforgettable confrontation with the ocean's representatives. 

Please visit our pricing page for detailed pricing on these exciting packages. Choose your adventure, and let's set sail for an unforgettable sight fishing experience!

Safety and Sustainability: Reel Coquina Leads the Way on St. Pete's Waters


At Reel Coquina Fishing, deep sea fishing charters and nearshore fishing in St. Pete Beach aren't just about big catches and thrilling fights. We're passionate about ensuring safe and sustainable practices on Florida's Gulf Coast, protecting the waters that fuel our passion, and providing unforgettable experiences for our guests.


Safety First:

Licensed and Permitted: All our captains are fully licensed and insured, meeting all St. Petersburg fishing charter regulations.

Safety Equipment: Our boats have all necessary safety gear, including life jackets, first-aid kits, and communication devices.

Experienced Captains: Our captains have extensive knowledge of the local waters and weather patterns, ensuring a safe and enjoyable trip for everyone onboard.

Sustainable Fishing:

Regulations Know-How: We stay updated on all fishing regulations for deep sea fishing trips, inshore fishing charters, and tarpon fishing in the Gulf Coast region.

Respecting Limits: We adhere to all catch limits and size restrictions set by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) to ensure healthy fish populations for future generations.

Responsible Gear: We use environmentally friendly fishing gear and techniques that minimize bycatch and harm to the ecosystem.

Conservation Partners: We actively participate in conservation efforts and partner with organizations to protect our precious marine resources.

You're not just choosing an exciting deep sea fishing trip or a memorable inshore fishing adventure by choosing Reel Coquina Fishing. You're choosing a company dedicated to responsible practices that ensure the sustainability of Florida's Gulf Coast fishery for years to come.

Customer Testimonials and Success Stories

Hear from our delighted anglers who've made unforgettable memories on our sight fishing charters. Their stories are a testament to the thrilling experiences and successful catches that await you:


"I'm not gonna lie; I'm a fishing junkie. So, I wasn't picky when I booked a sight fishing trip with Reel Coquina. Please give me a rod and some bait, and point me toward the action! Captain Pablo had other plans. He transformed this trip into a masterclass in sight fishing. We stalked redfish in the flats, casting flies with precision, and the adrenaline rush with each hookup was unreal! I landed some beauties, but honestly, the highlight was learning from a pro and witnessing the underwater world come alive. Sight fishing is a whole new game, and I'm hooked!"

Mark S., Tampa, FL

"My St. Pete sight fishing experience went beyond just catching fish. Captain Pablo created a magical journey on the water. We sailed through mangrove tunnels, spotting Tarpon in the sun, and watched dolphins playfully jump in the waves. The thrill of casting to a snook wasn't about the fight but about the connection with this magnificent creature in its natural habitat. Captain Pablo's passion for fishing was contagious, and I left feeling more connected to the ocean than ever before."

Emily L., Chicago, IL

How to Book Your Sight Fishing Adventure

Ready for an unforgettable sight fishing experience in St. Petersburg? Booking your adventure with us is easy. Here's how you can get started:


1. Contact Captain Pablo: Contact Captain Pablo Koch-Schick to set up your fishing trip. He's always available to answer your questions and help you plan the perfect outing.

Phone: Call anytime at 404-438-8732.

Email: Send your inquiries to

Address: Visit us at 6701 34th St S, St Petersburg, FL 33711 for a face-to-face discussion.

2. Discuss Your Preferences: Talk about what you're looking for in your fishing trip. Whether it's a half-day, full-day, or a customized grouper adventure, we tailor the experience to your needs.

3. Choose Your Package: Select from our sight fishing packages that best suit your schedule and fishing goals.

4. Confirm Your Booking: Once everything is set, confirm your booking. We'll provide all the details you need to prepare for your trip.

5. Get Ready for Adventure: Prepare for an exciting day on the water with some of the best sight fishing experiences St. Petersburg offers.

We can't wait to welcome you aboard and guide you through an exhilarating sight fishing adventure. Let's make some unforgettable memories together!

FAQs about Sight Fishing with Reel Coquina

What should I bring on my sight fishing trip?

We recommend bringing sunscreen, a hat, sunglasses, comfortable clothing, and any personal snacks or drinks. We provide all fishing equipment and safety gear.

What experience level do I need for sight fishing?

Anglers of all levels can enjoy sight fishing, but some fishing experience is recommended. Prior knowledge of casting and basic fishing techniques will enhance your experience. If you're a beginner, consider starting with an inshore trip targeting calmer waters and species like redfish or snook.

Is sight fishing safe?

Absolutely! We prioritize safety. We are licensed, insured, and highly experienced in navigating the waters and ensuring your well-being throughout the trip.

What's the difference between sight fishing and regular fishing?

In regular fishing, you cast blindly based on sonar or intuition. Sight fishing involves actively spotting fish visually and strategically casting your lure to entice them. This adds a unique element of skill, anticipation, and reward to the experience.

Will I definitely catch fish on a sight fishing trip?

While we can't guarantee catches, experienced guides and strategic techniques significantly increase your chances. Remember, sight fishing is an adventure, offering the thrill of the hunt, immersion in nature, and unforgettable encounters with marine life, even if you don't land a trophy.