How to Catch Blackfin Tuna around Florida

If you are looking for a new fishing adventure, you need to check out the blackfin tuna fishing off the Florida Gulf Coast. Tuna species offer some of the most exciting sport fishing in America, and there is plenty of opportunities to reel in monster catches!

In this blog - post, we will provide you with tips and tricks on how to be successful when fishing for blackfin tuna.

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What is a Blackfin Tuna?

Blackfin tuna are a type of fish that can be found off the Florida Gulf Coast. They belong to the family scombridae which also includes mackerels, yellowfin tuna, skipjack tuna and bonitos.

The blackfin tuna can grow up to around 40 pounds or more with an average weight of 25 pounds. Their colors consist of a deep black on the back with a purple line and silvery-white with some yellow below. The blackfin tuna is a warm water fish typically in tropical shallow waters like Florida, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, and New Jersey nearshore areas.

Their diet consists of mostly bait fish and squid. They are found in the open water, where they can be caught on a variety of lures, including baitfish imitations, as well as vertical jigs and spoons.

Blackfin tuna offer some of the most exciting sport fishing in Florida. There are plenty of Blackfin tuna around for most of the year with the best time being the spring and fall.

Blackfin tuna are delicious to eat cooked lightly seared or raw such as sushi. They provide plenty of excitement for experienced anglers and novice fisherman alike, they fight hard, which makes them an excellent gamefish.

How to target blackfin Tuna 

There are 3 popular ways to target blackfin tuna in the west central region. The most popular being trolling artificial lures such as plugs and skirts.
Chumming and chunking with live bait and dead bait while having lines out with baits is also very effective, baits typically used for this are spanish sardines, pilchards and thread fin herring.
Vertical jigging fast and slow can also be very productive to target tuna in our region
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Tips on how to catch blackfin tuna

Here are some tips to help you be successful when fishing for blackfin tuna:

  • Make sure you have live bait that is fresh.
  • Use various trolling lures such as cedar plugs lipped plugs that dive to different depths and skirts, including various vertical jigs.
  • Plan by reviewing tide charts and weather forecasts.
  • The best time to fish for blackfin tuna in the west central region is the spring and fall, but they can be caught all year

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Blackfin tuna are a great gamefish to have on the end of your fishing line. When you head out for full day tuna trip, make sure you bring plenty of sunscreen and snacks!

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