How to Use a Spinner bait the Right Way

This article explains how to use spinner bait for catching bass properly. Spinner baits are adaptable lures that work in different water environments, such as shallow and deeper areas.

It gives beginners advice on selecting the right spinner bait for the conditions and target fish, how to attach it with a leader and hook, and the importance of a slow retrieval to imitate injured baitfish, which attracts bass.

The best times to use spinner baits are near structures like weeds and rocks during the pre-spawn and post-spawn periods. By choosing the right size, color, and retrieval method, you can improve your chances of catching fish with spinner baits.

how to use a spinner bait

When should I use spinner bait?

Spinner baits are a fantastic tool for catching bass. Like many anglers, you can deploy them in various environments, such as shallow flats and deeper water near structures and ledges. What's great about spinnerbaits is that they have a natural look and action that appears inviting to fish, making them a great choice when you're searching for aggressive biters. Remember, when it comes to spinner baits, slower is almost always better! And if you're having trouble getting big bass to bite your lure, casting this bait can be a great way to draw out those fish that are lurking in the shadows!

How to use a spinner bait: Step by Step

  1. Select a spinner bait for your conditions and target species. 
  2. Attach a leader to the eyelet of the spinner bait, then attach it to your main fishing line.
  3. Add a hook to the leader, and you're ready to cast!
  4. Cast the spinner bait close to the cover or structure and allow it to sink.
  5. Start your retrieve slowly, ensuring the blades are spinning and fluttering naturally in the water.
  6. When you feel a tug on your line, set the hook firmly and reel in your catch!
  7. Keep repeating this process until you've reached your desired outcome.

By following these steps, you can be sure to have a successful day of fishing with your spinner bait! With the right technique and tackle, you'll be able to put more fish in the boat in no time.

how to use a spinnerbait

How fast should I retrieve my spinner bait?

When using a spinner bait, the key is to keep the lure moving slowly. The slower you can go, the better. This allows spinner bait blades to spin and flutter naturally in the water. This makes it appear like an injured or struggling baitfish — which can be irresistible for bass looking for an easy meal.

When is the best time to use spinner bait?

One of the most effective times to go spinner bait fishing is during pre-spawn and post-spawn periods when the bass transition between breeding grounds and their summer homes. In these cases, bass are typically very active. They can often be found near weeds, rocks, and other structures in shallow water. Spinner baits with a single hook design are usually best for these occasions, as it helps reduce hang-ups on nearby snags.

Where should I cast my spinner bait?

When fishing for bass with spinner bait, you want to target areas with a mix of cover and structure. Places like weed beds, stumps, and rocky outcroppings are great for casting your lure. Cast the spinnerbait close to the cover or structure and allow it to sink before beginning your retrieve.

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How to hook a spinner bait?

Putting a hook on a spinner bait blade is easy. Start by attaching one end of the leader to the eyelet of the spinner bait and then tie the other end onto your main fishing line. Be sure to use a loop knot when tying the leader, as it will help prevent unnecessary tangles when retrieving your lure. Then add a hook to the leader, and you're ready to start fishing! Check out our ultimate guide to fishing knots to learn more.

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Different types of spinner baits

Several different types of spinnerbaits are available, each designed to catch a specific type of fish. Some popular varieties include:

  • Willow-leaf spinners
  • Teardrop spinners
  • Colorado blade spinner baits.

Experiment with various spinner bait styles and colors until you find the one that works best in your fishing environment.


Tips for successfully using a spinner bait

  1. Use the right size and weight of spinner bait for the water depth and current conditions.
  2. Try different colors and styles to see which best suits your fishing situation.
  3. Allow the spinner bait to sink before commencing your retrieval, gradually bringing it up.
  4. Set the hook firmly and reel in your catch when you feel a tug!
  5. Use single-hook spinner baits to reduce hang-ups on snags.
  6. Experiment with various retrieves, such as jerky stops or short twitches, to trigger strikes from wary bass.
  7. Select the right line and leader strength for the type of cover you're fishing.
  8. Use quality hooks and blades to ensure maximum action and longevity of your spinner bait.
  9. Utilize multiple rods with different presentations when fishing in large bodies of water or deep structure.
  10. Let the good times roll!


Using spinner bait is an easy way to catch bass or other freshwater fish, but there are still some tips and tricks that can help ensure you're getting the most out of this type of lure.

Anglers can ensure they have everything they need to land their next big catch! Understanding how weight affects its movement in the water and choosing blades based on color and size preferences. So grab yourself some gear and go out there - happy fishing!