Moon Phases and Fishing Tips at Night | Fishing Moon Phase

There's a good old saying when it comes to fishing: "The best time to fish is when the fish are biting." Believe it or not, some theories suggest certain moon phases are better for fishing days than others. But what if you could be able to increase your chances of catching bigger and better fish by using information based on the moon phases?

In this blog post, we'll be exploring those theories and discussing some advice on how you can use a moon phase calendar to improve your chances of success on your next fishing trip!

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The Solunar Theory: What It Is and How Does It Affect Fishing?

There is a phenomenon that fishermen have been aware of for centuries, and it's called the Solunar Theory. This theory states a correlation between the moon's phases and certain activities on Earth, including fishing. Some people believe that the Solunar Theory can help predict when fish will be more active and easier to catch. 

There are two main components to the Solunar Theory: lunar phase and solar day. The lunar phase is the moon's position in correlation to the Earth, and there are four main phases: new moon, waxing crescent, first quarter, and waning gibbous. The solar day is the time it takes the sun to go from one sunrise to the next.

How Do the Moon Phases Influence Your Catch?

If you want to try fishing during a specific moon phase, it is important to use a moon phase calendar based on the moon's phases. This will help you to better plan your fishing trips.

Fishing during different phases of the moon is a common practice, and there are many different theories about how the moon phase affects fish behavior. Some people believe that the moon's gravitational pull affects the water, affecting the fish. Others believe that the moon's light draws the fish in.

Whatever the reason may be, evidence suggests that fishing during certain moon phases can lead to more successful catches.

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The Best Fishing Strategy: The Right Moon Phase

Fish are creatures of habit, so it's no surprise that they follow the same patterns day in and out. One such pattern is the moon phase; knowing when to go after certain types can give you an edge during your next fishing adventure.

Fishing during a full moon can be very productive, mainly near sunrise or sunset. The fish are usually more active during those times, and they will be looking for food to eat. 

In the same way, the full moon is the time of the month when the moon is at its brightest. Because the full moon provides more light than any other phases. Thus making night time fishing very productive and fishing during the day on a full moon can be slow because the fish have been feeding all night.

The best time to fish during a new moon is during the major or minor feeding periods. These occur near sunrise or moon rise times, coinciding with a full or new moon. During these times, the fish are usually more active, and they will be looking for food to eat.

So, if you're fishing during a full or new moon, make sure to pay attention to major and minor feeding periods!

The Moon's Phases and Tides: When Is the Best Time to Fish?

The tides are one of the essential aspects of fishing. Not only do they help to dictate the correct fishing times, but they also play a role in how successful you're likely to be once you get there.

During high tides or low tides, fishing can differentiate between a great catch and an unsuccessful day. That’s why it  is essential to learn how to read a tide chart. Some people believe that there is a correlation between high tides and catches of fish. In contrast, others think low tides are the best time to go fishing.

How The Phases of the Moon Affects the Tides

The moon's phases largely dictate the tides. High tides generally happen when the moon is full or new, while low tides occur when in its first or last quarter moon.

However, this isn't always true - it can be varied depending on your location and other factors - but it's a good rule of thumb to go by.

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Moon Phase Fishing Advice for New Anglers

As a new angler, you may be wondering when the best time to go fishing is. As we have mentioned, the Moon phase can unquestionably play a significant role in how successful your trip will be. 

Whether you're fishing during a full or new moon or one of the rising or setting periods, make sure to pay attention to when the fish are most active during those times!