Vertical Jigging Trips

Offshore Vertical Jigging

One of our favorite methods of targeting game fish is a method known as Vertical Jigging. It consists of vertically moving a colorful lead shaped jig thru the water column in a continuous motion and on some days can out fish live and/or dead baits. It is a very effective way of catching a variety of fish especially those large exotic species like monster Amberjack, Grouper, Tuna and African Pompano that we are after.

Sometimes if the conditions are right and fish are feeding on the surface or if we can chum them into a feeding frenzy we can target fish using top water, stick baits and poppers to get the job done!

During lunch breaks and running in between spots we love to try and maximize our gains by doing some trolling using a variety of lures, plugs and skirts we can use this time to try and reel in some quality box toppers!

Our vertical jigging trip typically last 8-10 hours where we spend our time fishing the abundance of gulf springs and shipwrecks.

vertical jigging

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