Reef Fishing Consult Trip

Reef Fishing Consult Trip

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This bottom fishing course can be beginner, intermediate, or advanced - depending on your personal level of experience. If you've purchased a boat and have no idea where to start... then this is the trip for you! I am available for consultation on your very own boat. We will take the day so you can learn to fish a local reef. You will also learn about gear, knots, and tackle. I will make sure you come home with the knowledge to bring dinner to your table! 

Reef Fishing Consult Trip Includes:

  • Gear Basics & Terminal Tackle
  • Rigging / Knots
  • Baits
  • How to Anchor
  • Sonar 
  • Fishing Technique
  • Filleting Your Catch!

* Any questions please call 404-438-8732