King Fishing Consult Trip

King Fishing Consult Trip

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Wondering what all the King Fish hype is all about? If you are interested in entering King of the Beach or similar Gulf of Mexico King Fish tournaments then let me get you started! The action of this fishing is simply incredible! This is some of the funnest and high energy fishing you can do on the water. The bi catch can include other pelagic fish such as Cobia, Mahi, Tuna, and Sailfish. This King Fishing course can be beginner, intermediate, or advanced - depending on your personal level of experience.

King Fish Course Includes:

  • Gear & Terminal Tackle
  • Stinger Rigs & Rigging
  • Baits
  • How to Anchor & Bump Troll
  • Sonar and Location Scouting Basics
  • Technique
  • Gaffing & Landing Fish
  • Filleting Your Catch!

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