Fishing Trip | June 11

The last day of red snapper season... and it was an INCREDIBLE TRIP. We went out to fish some blue water and I anchored on a favorite spot of mine. I put out a flat line while getting ready to fish the bottom. Before I knew it we were hauling in some chunky tuna. We had  great success on the bottom too - bringing in some red snapper, mangrove snapper, lane snapper, and red grouper. We also caught and released a bunch of vermilion. A great day!

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Fishing Trip | June 1

Our short but sweet red snapper season is here! My charter had a great time hauling up a true fisherman's feast - red grouper, vermilion snapper, lane snapper, mangrove snapper, and some of those prized red snappers. There is nothing like red snapper on the dinner table!

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